Drones a Technological Game Changer?

Since the introduction of drone technology, our lives have changed both positively and negatively. It is
an issue for much debate. Some people love drones while others hate drones based on their
perceptions. Online gambling is treated in the same way. You can visit www.yebocasino.co.za to learn
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Drone sales have recently skyrocketed and continue to increase especially in the United States.
However, some people are opposing drones to fly because of concerns about privacy, security, and
safety. In October 2015 a hobbyist drone crashed on the White House lawn and at first, it was thought
to be a terrorist attack.

Drones are being used in many ways including military attacks, agriculture, business tasks, by
individuals, and journalism among other uses. Most drones are now used in the productive sectors these
days. Small and larger businesses realized the importance of drones for their operations. Here are the
main uses of drones apart from military use.

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Some companies have added drones to their delivery methods. Drone delivery or shipping system is
taking great strides in the economies, popular companies including UPS, DHL, and Amazon realize drone
potential. Although some sites such as online pokies site are still using mail to giveaway prizes, this is
something they can consider in the future. Drones now are able to deliver medicines, pizzas, letters, and
other small packages to an intended place within a short distance.

Media Journalism

Media companies and independent journalists are using drones as part of their journalism equipment.
Drones are used for filming and aerial photography. It is now much easier for journalists to film get
aerial footage. Traditionally it was mainly done by taking by a camera crew in a helicopter. Drones were
used to film skiing and snowboarding events during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Crisis Management

Drones are also used in disaster management to help in search and rescue processes. They can gather
information quickly, and navigate the disaster-stricken area within a short period of time. Drones are
small in size, therefore, it is possible to get a close view of the area and can fit where helicopters cannot.
The drone technology was helpful in the hurricane-stricken states of Texas and Florida.