Merax Laptop Tray

Being on the go sometimes means we have to access our laptops and the Internet from not-so-convenient places.  One of the areas I have found that I could really use some convenience is my car.  When on the run and trying to connect to a hot spot fast, for a quick Email send off, I have looked into trying out a laptop tray like the Merax brand.

At an affordable price, this little table is adjustable and mounts to your steering wheel, seat of your car and the back of your seats.  It is constructed from heat resistant materials which helps if you plan on extending your stay online, but I would think a typical use would be as I decribed it unless you travel often.

This tray holds up to 25 lbs. and fits up to your 15.4" laptop sizes. has them listed as "out of stock" which makes me think that someone out there likes the product.  Has a cupholder on the side, too.


  1. laptop stand 2 February, 2011 at 07:59

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