Professional Drink Maker

There is nothing quite like hanging out at your favorite watering hole with your alcoholic beverage of choice in one hand, and good company sharing the table with you. Of course, this situation can be emulated at home, but you might miss out on quality drinks since the Dummies book for cocktails don't really do much when it comes to imparting mad skills over. The Professional Drink Maker helps you out in such situations, boasting the Revolution Portion system that is able to maintain just the right ice-to-liquid ratio. It is powered by a 3hp motor, and features a water drain to keep ice fresh with a wave action system that will continually persuade your mixture down into the blades, resulting in a smooth and well-mixed texture. You can pick up the Ultimate Professional Drink maker retails for $2,000. Erm, I think I'll stick to the Dummies book...

Source: Luxury Launches

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