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Tech Tools to Take Your Non-Profit to the Top

While some people don't think about non-profit organizations as businesses, these groups still need to find an audience and garner public support in order to succeed. For example, if you're an organization that helps underserved people connect with a personal injury attorney pro bono, you won't be able to fulfill your mission if you can't reach members of certain communities.

Being mission-oriented is critical to the success of any non-profit organization, so it's important that you always consider different ways you can further that mission and reach more people. If you're looking to take your non-profit to the top and boost your impact on key issues, here are various tech tools that you should look into.

Use peer to peer texting services.

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. The fact that so many people are walking around with such a powerful communication device makes it easier than ever to reach people wherever they are, whenever is appropriate. Skip the phone calls and voicemails by using peer to peer texting services in order to collect donations. Text messaging is one of the simplest and most direct forms of communication, and a leading P2P texting platform like Peerly can help you get in touch with constituents quickly and efficiently. Best of all, recipients can reply to your messages, offering unparalleled one-on-one communication and a scalable, simple solution for staying up to date with constituents.

You can even use built-in survey tools to collect important information from recipients to better understand the people you serve. This allows agents affiliated with your non-profit to have thousands of conversations per day with your many different clients, all through one compact, dynamic platform.

Stream live events.


If COVID-19 has you looking to the internet in order to hold virtual galas, fundraising campaigns, or classes, you're going to need a software solution designed with that purpose in mind. While many people are comfortable using Zoom, that streaming service is made more for conducting corporate meetings than hosting live events over video. A platform like StreamYard offers you an opportunity to create much more professional-looking events, helping you live stream from within your browser to conduct interviews and connect with your audience via social media platforms. StreamYard also has features that allow you to grow your audience by simultaneously streaming your live feed to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. With branding tools and the ability to add a call to action, your non-profit will really be able to spread its message with web-based software like StreamYard.

Harness email for personalized communications.

Even with a variety of social media platforms at your fingertips, email is still one of the best ways to reach your audience. A regular email newsletter can be segmented and personalized to provide your constituents with information beyond recent news from your organization. For example, you can use personal details from your CRM system, like donor levels, to send different recipients individualized thank you messages, as well as exclusive videos and other content to engage the readers.

Building these sorts of messages saves time for your marketing and development teams while simultaneously making each email recipient feel directly spoken to. Personalizing your communications is a powerful tool in all levels of marketing, and it's no different in the world of non-profit organizations, where personal touches could be the difference between someone canceling their monthly donation or increasing it to a five-figure gift. Even though it's an older form of communication, you shouldn't neglect email campaigns as you work to spread more information about your institutional successes and widen your impact.