Bluetooth Rear-view Mirror

bluetoothrearviewWhat do you think about the new laws that require mobile users to put the phone down and use a headset?  Well, I know that companies that market items like the Rear View Mirror Bluetooth Speakerphone are counting it a jackpot.  This mirror mounts in your car and allows you to take and make calls via your cell phone.

Hands free is the way to go for both safety and convenience and this mirror will allow you to connect wirelessly to your phone.  Calls are sent to a neat little headset that cradles on the side of the mirror when not in use.  The headset boasts full-duplex noise and echo cancellation, a built-in loudspeaker and a rechargeable battery that gives you up to three hours of talk time with a one week of standby time per charge.

The mirror clamps over your existing rearview mirror and also stores voice memos when needed.  Comes with a car charger, call status LED's and a removeable headset.  I spotted this item at the Hammacher Schlemmer site for a premium but it's also sold at other spots online for a bit of a lower pricetag.

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