With such an influx of devices that flood our homes and work areas, charging the devices has been one of the biggest headaches of mobile devices, I think.  In comes a neat idea...though I'm unsure how easily it can be put to use just yet.

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The ChargePod will allow you to charge up to six devices with cords and adapters to help you on your way to charging bliss.  MP3 players, cellphones, hand held devices and more can all be made to charge on the ChargePod setup with little or no work.  Just a little organization.

As a central charging hub, the device comes with different versions of power adapters that are controlled by a system called "voltage regulator technology" which allows the device to make sure that your stuff is only getting charged with the amount needed...increasing the life of your gadgets.  A blue indicator light will let you know when the devices are charging and keep your gadgets as happy as you are to have them.

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