iPhone gets protection with JavoShield Aluminum Metal Cover

apple-iphone-javoshieldYour precious new iPhone (whether you got it for $599 or $399, it is still precious to you all the same, right?) definitely deserves some form of protection against its eternal enemies - knocks, drops, and scratches. Fret no longer as you slip your iPhone into the JavoShield Aluminum Metal Cover that not only offers adequate protection against everyday dangers, it also retains your iPhone's beauty. It is made from oven spray painted aircraft grade aluminum for a high level of protection, boasting a lightweight design and style to die for. Neoprene foam lining on the inside further enhances protection. The Metal Cover can be attached to either front or back sections of your iPhone, working great in protecting either side whether you're answering calls or placing it in your pocket.

Source: Mobile Whack

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