Pop ‘N Music Be Mouse

Japan is famous for their sushi as well as weird and wacky stuff (games, peripherals, fashion sense - you name it), and here we have today something from the first category. The Pop ‘N Music Be Mouse Windows-based game doesn't require any insane 4000 dpi laser gaming mouse, as it ships with its very own colorful multi-button mouse that will be used to dictate gameplay. This music pattern matching game requires the user to open the insect-like wings on the Be Mouse controller in order to gain access to all nine buttons. Reminiscent of Beatmania, each time a colored indicator falls down on the screen, you have to tap the corresponding button in order to keep up with the pace. Tunes are based on the popular Japanese Pop ‘N Music arcade series. The Pop ‘N Music Be Mouse will retail for $69.90 apiece.

Product Page via Technabob

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