Toshiba's Designer Phones

We've seen stranger things than Toshiba offering a limited edition collection of luxury handsets, but the hoops you have to jump to be among the invitation-only buyers of this handset is what intrigued us.  Apparently, you have to purchase the April issue of some mag called Seven Hills and pray you're among the lucky 1,000 readers who will get some sort of unique code. Once you get the code and you're ready to buy, you have to initiate the buying process with a credit card, no cash please. Then you have to wait 30 days for a personalized handmade lacquer box that has Kansai Yamamoto's imprint to be made.  I'm not sure how they justify the price on the Cosmic Shiner handsets, but if you're a lover of fashion maybe the fact that it has some designs by Kansai Yamamoto will persuade you. Not much else is known about the expensive $4,000 phone, except that buying one also entitles you to a free membership of some concierge service that makes hotel and restaurant reservations for you.  That's it folks. That's how some poor sap will spend his money on a useless luxury phone. 

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