Vacationers remain Plugged In

1924h0106  Travelocity conducted a survey of leisure travelers that showed that even while "getting away", many vacationers remain tied to technology and can be "plugged-in" to the world from even the most remote places. One in three people actually find it more stressful to not be plugged-in via cell phone, laptop or PDA.  Travelers between the ages of 22 to 45 admit to sneaking away to check email, voicemail or instant messages.

Age Demographics:

*Travelers who are most likely to be plugged-in while on vacation are among the younger     demographic (primarily between the ages of 22 and 45)

*The most plugged in travelers are those who are from 22 - 34 years old (81 percent), and they use their electronic devices most commonly for non-work related activities, such as checking personal e-mail, keeping up with current events, or keeping tabs on weather

*Most travelers check their personal e-mail at least once while on vacation with up to half checking work-related e-mail as well:

*Sixty percent to 77 percent of respondents check their personal e-mail while away on vacation (60 percent of those aged 60-77, 77 percent of those aged 22-34)

*Nearly 30 percent of respondents ages 60 - 70 check work e-mail whereas about 50 percent of respondents ages 35- 45 reportedly check work e-mail.

*Thirty six percent of children are plugged in while on vacation, whether using their music players, handheld games or mobile phones

*On average, travelers take between one and two electronic devices with them, while the 35 - 45 year age group is likely to pack the most on average

*The 35-45 year olds also are the most likely (29 percent) to bring along handheld or computer games

"It's interesting to see the evolution of younger age groups who incorporate technology more and more into their everyday lives, for entertainment, relaxation, and just to stay in touch," said Ziff. "As the tech savvy grow up, electronic devices seem to grow with them every step of the way."


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