LG SH240 feels some skin

lg-sh240_2.jpgI've absolutely no idea why the folks at LG decided to skin up their mediocre LG SH240 cell phone. This GSM HSDPA handset comes with some sort of silicon coating on the front, encompassing the keypad and D-pad as well so that whenever you touch it (through sending text messages and composing notes, of course, and not fondling the cell phone itself), it will feel like skin unlike the cold, rubbery feeling on other handsets. I suppose if you talk long enough on the SH240, the battery will start to heat up, giving the "skin" surface a semblance of warmth to somewhat resemble an actual human touch. This is one of the weirder gimmicks that I have seen to push the sales of cell phones, and it certainly won't be the last. I'll give the LG SH240 a pass.

Source: Gizmodolgsh240.jpg

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