rfid ladiesbag

LadyBag RFID acts as a reminder

rfid-ladiesbag.jpgLadies, ladies. How many times have you actually rushed out from your home only to realize that you have forgotten to bring your cell phone with you, much less your house keys? This interesting LadyBag ensures such a thing doesn't happen ever again, featuring RFID tagging technology that ensures your keys, purse and cell phone are inside the back before the smiley face lights up. Should you fail to include any of these three essential items, the item's corresponding logo will appear on the LED display as a reminder. I wonder whether this concept will see future iterations include voice reminders. It would be good if they included a traveling make-up kit indicator as well just in case you need to freshen up before that big date of yours at a posh downtown restaurant.

Source: Gearfuse

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