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Don't you wish these apps existed when we were in school?


With all of the technology that exists today, there is an abundance of resources for students to use to help them perform better in school. Apps can be one of the most helpful resources for studying, taking notes, learning, and more! You just have to know which apps work the best. These are the apps your kids should actually be downloading to help with their school load.


Brainscape allows students to create flashcards all on their smartphone or tablet. You kids will be able to study alone or in groups or teams. Brainscape’s cross-device syncing allows users to switch from their smartphone to tablet and pick up right where they left off.


MyHomework allows students to create digital homework checklists, giving them instant access to assignments and due dates for upcoming homework, test, and papers. Once completed, your kids can swipe right to clear it from their list, leaving them with a satisfied feeling of accomplishment.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an interactive app that allows kids to sharpen their knowledge outside of school. On the app, your kids can access practice exercises, instructional videos, and in-depth articles on a variety of school subjects. It’s a great app for kids to use while on a break from school to keep their minds fresh.

Lala Lunchbox

Lala Lunchbox adds some fun to planning out each day’s lunch. This app lets kids select their favorites using monsters, colors, and sounds. Their picks then translate to a grocery list for parents. Food options range from fruits and veggies to proteins and snacks. You can also save favorites to the meal library.


Duolingo is great for students who have to learn another language. It’s an interactive app that tests your knowledge as you earn points for getting questions right. The app challenges students to race against the clock and to log in and practice every day.

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