V-Moda Earphones, Valentine's Gift Idea

 Reviewing the VIBE Duo noise-isolating dual-use headphone/headset has been a joy for me, because I love music and I love good sound.  The fact that they also include a microphone that you can utilize for taking calls and control your music functions with your iPhone, hands-free, makes them even more of a treasure.

I was further impressed with the choice to design this set with fabric cables (think less tangles and longer use) and the nice touch of having them colored red for the upcoming holiday. 

Valentine's gifts can be hard to come up with, and red is a color many use to symbolize that the gift they are giving to that special someone is out of love.  They also use neat names like Gunmetal Rouge (to match the new green and Red Special Edition iPod nano and shuffle being released) and Midnight Blue, and this calls out to my gadget-loving side.

2246257175 14413fabe9Here's what the company says about the sound:

All of V-MODA’s in-ear headphones feature BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicon) technology, which reduces outside noise to produce a precise and rich bass response (frequency 12Hz to 22Hz). The V-MODA modaphones come with three sizes of soft silicon fittings to ensure a perfect fit and help block out unwanted sound.

For a luxury earphone set, you really should look into the VIBE V-Moda brand.  The sound quality was unmatched and the design and look/feel made me want to wear them everywhere I went, because they matched my outfit.  That doesn't make me shallow, does it?

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