Ask Techie Diva- Now Available!


Now Available! We have set up a new toll free number you can call to leave us a voicemail message no matter where you are. Want to report a news story happening at the moment, but don't want to wait until you get to a computer?  Maybe you need help in selecting a cool MP3 player for MOM? or maybe you're Dave Navarro and just want to say hello? (that's a longshot) Doesn't matter, all calls are free to you!

Program this number in your cell phone, 1-866-I'm-a-Diva or
1-866-462-3482, and give us a ring. We will answer your questions via our blog. We may even add your recorded message to our posting. 

How it works:

1. Call Toll Free 1-866-462-3482
2. You will be prompted to leave a message
3. Leave your message
4. Your answer will be posted on Techie Diva

Why are we doing this? We want to hear from you, our readers! We want to open another line of communication for you to contact us.

Note: You will be sent to our voicemail box courtesy of Maybe someday we can actually answer your calls live, but at this time, simply leave us a message. We will answer it in a quick manner.