Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet

vibrating-bluetooth-braceletIf you hate wearing a Bluetooth headset wherever you go, but can't live without one since a wired headset is way too inconvenient, then perhaps the Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet is the right cellphone accessory to own. It will give you a vibrating alert whenever there is an incoming call or text message, and works within 5 meters of your handset. Since it is compatible with Bluetooth versions 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0, you can rest easy knowing that just about any cellphone with Bluetooth connectivity will be able to work with it perfectly. A charge time of 3 hours will yield a standby time of 100 hours. Great for those who don't want the inconvenience of having a Bluetooth headset hanging off their ears in public, but you will still have to stick to that modus operandi if you want to take the hands-free route while driving. The Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet retails for $48.

Product Page via GeekAlerts

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  1. Jamie 9 December, 2007 at 20:21

    Y’know, I was just out the other night, and found myself in a situation where something subtle like this would have been good. I’ve seen a few blogs report on this now, and kind of dismiss it as a product for someone who doesn’t want to look silly wearing a headset all the time.

    But I was in a very noisy environment on a date; for the most part, I couldn’t hear. An ear piece would have been /extremely/ unacceptable as an accessory. That said, I have two kids, and was out with someone new and had set up some safe calls. Plus, my date had trouble getting there (We were meeting up on-site, and she had cab problems) and sent me an SMS saying she would be late; I didn’t realize it for a good 15 minutes after I got it.

    So, really, this would have been great. It would have subtly been able to tell me I had a message, or someone was calling, so I could then step out somewhere quieter (Like the smoking balcony) to return the call or to read the message.

    For the price, and given it’s not hideous by any means, I think it looks pretty darn useful. =)

    Now, if only there was a collar version… 😉

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