ADS Tech Instant Music Device

instant-musicTransferring all your music collection from the analogue format to digital can be quite a headache, but thankfully you don't have to head down to the nearest sound studio to do so. This home-based DIY unit known as the ADS Tech Instant Music Device retails for a mere £29.95 and yet is capable of capturing audio from just about any source - a cassette player, a turn table, a TV, radio, or even a DVD player while converting it into a format of your choice (MP3, WAV, WMA and AAC) thanks to the included software. You don't have to look for different cables as well since all that you need are already bundled into the package. Should your computer be equipped with a CD burner, you can always burn professional quality CDs at your whim and fancy, giving your dusty cassette collection a virtually unlimited life in digital format.

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