Potty Train Your Cat

KittycityI love my cat. He's an chocolate Oriental Shorthair named Hershey, who has the sweetest personality I've ever seen in a cat. Most cats may be stand-offish around strangers, but not my cat--he jumps on everyone's lap. Yet sometimes, I wish he wasn't so messy with the litterbox. He practically covers the bathroom with litter.  I found a solution to this problem. They say cats are very smart, so I am going to toilet train him. Yeah, remember Jinx in Meet the Fockers? Citikitty is a clever way of trainning your feline in three weeks with a litter-filled seat that sits on your toilet. Each week you remove a perforated ring from the seat until they are all gone. I just ordered one, so we'll see if this really works.


  1. il figlio segreto di bdf's world! 8 April, 2006 at 05:58

    Ma vai a gattareeeee!!!

    Oh beh… ho trovato un fantastico kit per insegnare al vostro gatto ad usare il vostro gabinetto.
    Il kit è composto di una lettiera da applicare sul water che il gatto dovrebbe imparare ad usare in poche settimane se ne avr&agrav…

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