Ornaments With A Difference

This year put some creativity into your holiday decorating by finding unique and fun ornaments for your fiber optic tree.  These specialty ornaments made of bone china might be a nice idea for a photography lover.

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The Christmas Chimera Bauble with different animals reflected in them, will draw attention to your tree during the holiday season.  Claiming that the ornaments have "ingrained the last creature that peered into its reflection.." is a fun thought.  With cats, reindeer, dogs or an image of a baby, you have plenty of choices.

Another great idea is to buy clear glass or plastic baubles of your own, break out your printer and photo paper and print off your favorite photos.  Then, remove the top of the baubles you bought, slide the printed photos into the ornament and display your favorites! 

Not made of bone china, and you'll lose the cute zoomed effect, but a cute idea nonetheless to make it more personal.

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