Sparklab Tech-Fashion

I stopped by SparkLab's Workshop as the ladies were vigorously working on creating their own LED Wearable Cuff. It seems the project was taking a bit longer than they had expected, but you can't really explain the wonders of circuitry in under an hour. Just so you know, the LED bracelets I saw were pretty cool. They have a velcro that functions as a switch, and illuminates the cuff only when it's being used. This way you don't have to worry about the light staying on all the time. As I looked around SparkLab's setup, I discovered their other projects, one of them was the boomBag Belt that holds an iPod that plugs in to a clip-on speaker. This way you can play DJ anywhere you go. Other interesting projects were the Role Play Hoodie and Role Play Elbow Patches.  The hoodie projects a picture on the back of your head when you pull the strings, and the Role Play Elbow patches use thermochromatic ink dissapears when the zipper closes.

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