Dunker Mug rolls two functions into one

dunker-mugThere is nothing quite like curling up on your favorite sofa with a good book in one hand and a mug of hot chocolate or coffee (depending on the poison of your choice) in another. Of course, the hot chocolate will go better with some biscuits at the side, but having to wash up an extra saucer or plate that held the biscuits can be quite a hassle especially after a long day at work. What better way to overcome this than combine both saucer and mug into a single piece of ceramic ware? This is the exact direction which the Dunker Mug took, featuring a small shelf that let's you store your favorite tea time cookies inside, ready to be dunked at any second.

Secretaries will find this useful as the Dunker Mug definitely helps them score some points with those seated in the higher echelons of power. The extra space can be used to store something to hasten their promotion, but even if that fails, at least they would have created a good impression which is always a good thing. The Dunker Mug retails for £14.99 and comes in left- and right-handed versions.

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