Steampunk? What?

This website and the creations within really grabbed my attention and spoke to the art lover side of my brain.  Steampunk has this as the tagline for the site, and what it means:

"Wherein the craftsman demonstrates the construction of artifacts from an age of steam and brass."

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What does all this mean?  Just browse the site and take a look at how this crafter makes a flat panel monitor look fabulously aged and still holds it's gadget-factor.  The Steampunk Workshop site has so many great things to look at, with photos of the projects as they go and video of some of them working.

My favorites were the keyboard and monitor, of course, but he also features a salt water iPod etch, Altoids Tins and other creative crafts that really will have your mind going.  Jake's ultimate goal is to create a steam car, just for fun!

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