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Best Horror Themed Xbox Games you Can Play in 2021 

 Apart from online blackjack games, you can also get to play some of the most fun Xbox games as well. There is no need to miss out on all the fun that the gaming world has to offer. There are so many gaming options that you can get to pick from. This time around, you are going to be getting a little adrenaline rush if you get to play the following Xbox games.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil is a cornerstone brand in the horror genre, especially when it comes to survival horror. Resident Evil developed over time and became something of a survival horror game. Alternatively, the story evolved into a more action-oriented horror game, with players fighting a slew of giant enemies with just an unlimited supply of ammunition.

Dead Space Series

Dead Space assumes place in the near future, and players take care of Isaac Clarke, a spaceship mechanic. If a ship puts out a plea for help, Isaac Clarke and a team set out in the hopes of repairing the ship while resuming mining activities. There are quite a number of games that you can get to pick from when it comes to this series and we are quite sure that you will get some chills from all of them

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The Walking Dead

This Xbox game is one of a collection of games that are loosely related. Of course, the sequence is linked to the film and comic book versions of The Walking Dead, acepokies online pokies, but prior experience of The Walking Dead material is not needed until embarking on the dark path. All in all, players are taking on the part of Lee Everett, who becomes a father figure to a young girl named Clementine after the nation zombie apocalypse broke out. In this juncture experience riddled with moral complexity, decisions, and puzzles, there are a collection of episodes to play through.