Picnik and Flickr Coordinate

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Now, Flickr has even more options for photographers and picture-sharing fiends.  Using Picnik you can edit the photo online, changing exposure, colors, and sharpness.  You can go farther with your photo editing skills and place text on the photos, like those Lolcat people do...

Each photo will have a link to the editing area where you can even go so far as to whiten teeth in a photo or fix red-eye.  Lots of features will have you toying with photos until they are pristine and clear, and ready to be shared.

Flickr has a post about this on the Flickr blog and I toyed with the option today.  All you do is confirm that you want Picnik to open in your Flickr account and you're ready to start editing!  Visit your account, and if you happen to have a pro account, you will see Premium features open up for you that others don't get to enjoy until they take the paid account plunge.

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