Are Ghosts Living in Your Computer?

 Is your computer acting like a possessed zombie from hell? Maybe it's time to call the professionals for a little exorcism. CyberDefender is offering free technical support to anyone on Halloween Day to rid your computer any viruses, zombies, botnets, or any other malware taking up residence in your hard drive. If you think you could use the extra help, give them a call at 877-377-3765 starting on October 31st until Nov. 1st at 9AM PST. Normally, they charge $50 to $100 for this service, but this Halloween you get the special treatment with services that repair malware damage, speed up your system or makes sure your other your security software is working properly. The catch is they'll try to get your on board as a Cyberdefender customer, but you're not obligated to sign up for anything, unless that is, a service like this helps you sleep better at night. Mark your calender, and if you decide to use them, come back to tell us about your experience.

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