gresso avantgarde skeleton

Gresso indulges customers with Avantgarde Skeleton phone

gresso-avantgarde-skeletonGresso of Russia is famed for its high end luxurious tech devices, and this time round they intend to entice you with the limited edition Avantgarde Skeleton Collection. This phone comes with a transparent back, allowing you to see the innards although it won't be as interesting as that of a clock or a watch since you won't find any moving parts here. The back panel itself is made from scratch-resistant crystal sapphire glass, while the battery case is made of stainless steel, complete with a leather coat and magnet release. In addition, you will find the Gresso logo roofed with gold, although such luxury comes with a $5,000 price tag - not so wise a buy considering the current worldwide economic climate.

Source: Luxury Launches

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