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Why Contact Lenses?

Are you sick and tired of losing classes? Sitting on them? Having them stolen? Lenses constantly getting trashed and scratched, and the frames bent? Do they fall off of you or pinch your nose no matter what you do? You may be a good candidate for switching to contact lenses.

People who have no experience with contact lenses are invariably worried about things like irritations and infections in the eyes from them. But the fact is, as long as they are put in and taken out correctly and stored properly, there is almost no chance at all of this.

The other thing people who wear glasses instead of contacts need to think about is that the advantages of contacts are enormous. Once they are in, they are in and you don’t have to keep putting them on and taking them off like you do with glasses. You can wear them during the most strenuous sporting activity, making love, whenever and wherever. Aside from if they are going to come in contact with water (like swimming), they can be left in indefinitely. There are even extended-wear lenses that you can leave in for up to a week at a time without problems!

It’s also very easy to buy contact lenses online these days, and once you know what you’re getting the process is a complete no-brainer. Companies like Vision Direct are ready to quickly ship you everything you could possibly need in contact lenses and related equipment.

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When travelling, if you bring glasses, you need to bring at least two fragile pairs of glasses everywhere you go with you, unless you really like to live dangerously without a spare. With contacts, the whole concept of a spare becomes totally moot, and you can travel with stuff that’s much smaller and easier to pack as well.

Also, it can be very cool to have different colors of contact lenses for different days or moods you may have. Some people like to have one pair for work, one pair for casual, one super stand-out pair for clubbing and events, etc. all different colors. The possibilities are enormous, almost endless, you could say. You could even keep your old glasses for that sexy librarian look to vary it up if you wanted to. There are no limits.

So if you’ve never considered contact lenses before, you owe it to yourself to take a second look at the subject. You may be pleasantly surprised. Actually, you may just find that contacts are a much better option for you than you had previously thought.