T|X Handheld by Palm

Txpalm_1 The T | X Palm Handheld is surely something I've been waiting for. This handheld has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth technology so you can browse the web and check your email anywhere. You can also listen to MP3s, read eBooks, share photos, watch videos and even carry your Word or Excel files when you have to work-on-the-go. The large color screen rotates from landscape to portrait mode so you can enjoy your photos at any angle. Pretty impressive for such a sleek design that only weighs 5.25 ounces. It also offers an expansion slot that supports SD & SDIO cards since it only offers 128MB of memory. Check out more specs here.  The T | X handheld is currently available for $299, and add-ons include a leather and hard cases to protect your handheld device,   GPS Navigator, Wireless Keyboard, and more. Check it out at Palm.com.

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