Handheld GPS from Garmin

There are so many choices when it comes to a GPS system but one name you will hear often is Garmin, and they don't disappoint with the new handheld Garmin Colorado 400t.  With an easy to use click-wheel navigation system so you can flip through menu options and set waypoints like a pro, you will figure the use of this out pretty quick and be on your way.  3-D view is available so that you can see vertical grades on your route.  I am thinking they were after the active group of people that likes to tie the GPS to a caribineer (it comes with one!) and set out on hikes, ski tours, kayak trips, or river fishing excursions.

Garmin also states the following about the handheld:

"With Colorado 400t you can share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches wirelessly with other Colorado users. Now you can send your favorite hike to your buddy to enjoy or the location of a cache to find. Sharing data is easy. Just select “send” to transfer your information to other Colorado units."

I'm sure it's perfectly usable on the road, but with a handheld GPS tracker why limit yourself to just one way of travel?  Comes with preloaded topo maps of frequent spots and works with a Mac but not with the included trip and waypoint software, you have to get online for compatibility, unfortunately.  But, that won't slow me down, as I'm not a Mac user.  Comes in at a sweet $640 so plan those trips and don't worry about getting lost!

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