BlackBerry 8310 gets new colors

blackberry8310-colorsIf you have been yearning for a BlackBerry 8310 all this while, but have held out because it did not come in a color you like, perhaps that unfortunate situation will change with the upcoming release of two new colors from AT&T. The BlackBerry Curve will debut in Crimson and Titanium, where the former will feature a reversed keypad with most of the keys being black in color. The Titanium version on the other hand, looks slightly different when placed alongside T-Mobile's Curve 8310, but that conclusion was drawn simply by looking at the photo. Among all the colors available, which are the ones that would make you part with your dough?

Source: Boy Genius Report

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  1. Dave 27 October, 2007 at 14:56

    I already parted with my dough for the crimson. It’s really lovely, especially in the sun: I’d like the finish on my car to look as suave.

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