Don't Post-It, Stikkit!

This fantastic web-based application is an incredibly useful tool for organizing one's life. Stikkit works like a notepad, recording your reminders, details, and other items.  However, unlike other notepad programs that simply provide a space for notations,  Stickkit pays attention to what you type, then picks out the important details and organizes them.   Through the use of "magic words," it can recognize names, email addresses, to-dos, and place them in the appropriate categories automatically.  So simple.  So easy to use.  Check it out for yourself at


  1. Geek Chic 7 March, 2007 at 07:39


    O Stikkit, funciona mais ou menos como um notepad, te ajuda a organizar coisas do dia a dia como enviar um email, ir ao supermercado, programar uma viagem. O Stickkit presta atenção no que você escreve, escolhe os detalhes…

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