Sensitivity Backpack

With Ergo-Tech Sensitivity, the KTA44V Kata backpack has your...back!  This pack won't1313132224 c7fdccded2 m stress or strain your back as much as the typical setup does.  It is made to be comfortable while carrying.

With a Flexi-Shield technology, explained on the site:

This high frequency molded flexible reinforcement appears in the form of ridges on the exterior of the safe guard zones for ultimate protection.

And the Elasto-Guard that says it is made of three layers with different uses.  It has anti-scratch cushioning as well for extra durability.  It includes media pouches, water bottle holders, 15" laptop space and much more.  Take a peek at the details of this and look at the price of $88.95 that seems quite fair for the features.

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  1. Allison 7 September, 2007 at 17:03

    Kata makes amazing bags – I have 2 for my cameras and they are designed amazingly well. All the little details are covered – from easy to attach (and hide) rain covers, to the weight adjusted straps, to the very stylish (in that post apoc sort of way) designs – they hold up and hold up well.

    However Adorama isn’t a great site to buy from – from the sometimes insane shipping fees to the bait and switch tactics of yore (which hopefully are of yore). BH Photo is a much better bet if you are going to purchase a Kata bag.

    Just Sayin’

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