Time for Vacation yet?

This company has the gift giving conundrum fixed.  You won't sit and wonder what to give the person that has everything if you visit this site.  Instead, you'll probably start making a wish list for yourself as well as those that you love.

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Cloud9 offers the most unique way to take someone on a trip.  Not the typical "go to Houston and stay in a hotel for a week" type of vacations but instead, you have a lovely gift box delivered to the receiver.  In this box you have a DVD, booking confirmation within 48 hours of ordering, pictures of the event to come, and information on the location.

They seem to have a 9 levels setup where you can visit certain levels where the Orange one is only $75 and the highest, Platinum level is $2,500.  This way you can budget your gifts while you're giving.  Or plan the perfect getaway based on what you have saved up.

I visited the 'Blue Level' which comes at $250.  This level included a dinner cruise in San Francisco, skydiving, massage for couples in romantic cities, sunset balloon rides and a few other nice choices.  I really enjoyed visiting the site and roaming around.

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