Gaming bling targets females

nintendo-necklaceWhat you see here is a pretty unique piece of jewelry - it might look like a contemporary necklace at first glance, featuring a feminine cherry blossom design on one side, but upon flipping it over you are greeted with the immortal image of a classic NES controller, A, B, Select, Start, and all. Talk about living a double life - you now have the bling to show off your gamer street cred to the rest of the world, changing to the regular girl next door when the situation calls for it.

Sarah Lynne from Michigan has handcrafted these beauties, along with other jewelry designs using aluminum, wire, paper, and paint to concoct interesting and appealing accessories for the trendy woman. Each of these offerings has been coated with a highly polished resin glaze, taking the time of completion to three days. Since they're all handmade, you can be guaranteed that there will never be two of the exact same kind in the world. Other than this hot looking NES controller necklace, Sarah has also created other original pieces such as Pac-Man earrings. You'll have to act fast if you want this $45 necklace.

Source: Technabob

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