Find U Anti-Loss Warning Device helps the forgetful

Are you one who is always forgetful of your stuff, having lost your fair share of your identity card and driver's license throughout your life? Well, perhaps it is high time you got something like the Find U Anti-Loss Warning Device to help you out (or get a boyfriend/husband who is mindful of life's little details, having a special pocket in his coat always to carry all your knick knacks). This device is able to help you remember all your essential items each time you go out by sounding an alarm in case you leave the place without it. Being extremely small and lightweight, it is also suitable to be carried by a child or pet without being noticed. Would you mind forking out $30 a pop for this device? I think that's a fair price to pay since losing your cell phone might probably cost you a whole lot more.

Source: Gizmodiva

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