Diamond Headset

A new feature on MacAtWork.net seems to be dressing up your style.  Quite a few items on there are both practical and sleek but the diamond headset is definitely a girls best friend. 

In white gold with diamonds or a rose colored tint mixed, this headset will draw attention to you and be practical yet...indulgent.

Worn like jewelry and with just a spritz of flair, they will capture the eyes of others even if you're on the move.  A pretty high pricetag might not matter to some...for the search of the ultimate gadget can't come cheap!  Why not accessorize in the same manner?

Comes in star designs, lightning with an arrow at the bottom, moons and hearts so you can choose which suits you, like a great shopping trip, for that lovely personal touch.

Definite luxury, take a peek at the advertisement for contact information and pricing.  Here's our source.

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