USB Mini Greenhouse for your desk


Most women prefer fresh flowers compared to plastic ones, and they have very good reason to expect such. After all, most people equate plastic flowers with fake or synthetic love - not unlike real flowers that are often seen as a symbol of reality, where love triumphs all even in the face of adversity. Instead of daydreaming at your working desk, hoping for that Prince Charming to drop by in his business suit and immaculately combed hair with a bouquet of fresh flowers in one hand, why not grow your very own? After all, the woman of the 21st century is definitely pro-active and one to take charge of the situation.

This USB-powered Mini Greenhouse from DreamCheeky allows you to grow your very own plants, and comes with some marigold seeds to get you started. I supposed even those without Green Thumb Skill Level 10 will be able to get these seeds sprouting in a short while. Each Mini Greenhouse is loaded with artificial soil to help you grow those seeds. Software is also bundled into the equation, allowing you to track the growth of your plants via a computer. The USB Mini Greenhouse retails for $19.99.

Source: Everything USB

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