Robo babysitter looks over the kids while mom shops

I love robots as much as the next gal (maybe even more) but I doubt I'd ever trust my kids with one. To get a glimpse of our future, lets turn our attention to Japan where department stores are introducing cute robots to babysit rambunctious kids while mommy shops. Physorg says parents visiting the Fukuoka Aeon Co. department store can drop off their kids with the kid-size machine that can track kids thanks to a special coded badge. The robot uses these badges to identify kids by their name and age, and chats with them despite its limited vocabulary. The robot also uses its eyes as projectors to beam advertising messages or still images it captured with its bionic eye--both great tools to brainwash the future consumer.  Robots are becoming increasingly popular in Japan, so by using robotic babysitters, the Japanese believe they are training their kids for the future.  

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