Bling up your license plate


Cars are a very personal thing, and it is no wonder that there are plenty of people who love customizing their license plates. For those who want to stand out from the crowd, there is always the option of taking the bling route with this license plate frame that has been studded with half a thousand Swarovski crystals which has been specially cut in a manner that intends to dazzle with unprecedented brilliance.

I suppose these license plates are legal, but I have no idea whether the glare emitted from all that bling will cause the driver behind you to rain down curses that are unmentionable in a family friendly site such as this. Interested folks will be able to choose from Ice Clear, Sapphire Blue, Flamingo Pink, or Gold Yellow, retailing for $199 a pop. One thing's for sure – your car will never be the same again once it adorns this, and you'll probably drive around town with a little extra swagger.

Source: Born Rich

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