What a nice way to customize the look of your room!  Build-the-Bed offers a chance for you to get creative and design your own headboard.  With ideas and categories like extreme sports, animals, children and nature, the site has so many ideas to choose from.

I chose the category 'nature' and took a peek at the example given.  Not something I could use in my room but it's a great idea for my son.  He has a certain style in his bedroom that most of the customized beds would fit in with.  My daughter also liked the concept so this might be aimed more at children through college age.

I think the idea of being able to personalize a bed is a great one, and if done right, could brighten up a room with such personality!  Take a peek at the Build-the-Bed site and the five different headboard models helps with that personal touch, too.  Solids and textures, sports, love and music are a few of the other categories. 

The bad thing I saw with this site is that some of the choices, like the "how to install" and the all important "order" areas would not load for me.  I am using FireFox so it might be an issue there.  I was able to hit "contact" and visit the "order form" link to gain access to the order form, but no pricing could be found.  There is contact information on the page so I'm sure that you could gain access to the pricing that way.

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