Samsung R20 turns on the style

samsung-r20When it comes to form and function in a computer, I would definitely pick out the latter. I don't know about you, but performance matters more to me than mere aesthetics, but that stand does not make me go out and purchase any and every butt ugly device released. The folks at Samsung certainly identify with me, and they have just announced the Samsung R20 laptop that actually boasts some pretty decent specifications underneath the hood without looking like a total washout.

An Intel T2130 1.86GHz processor runs the proceedings from within, where the 14.1" widescreen display is more than adequate for your everyday work and entertainment purposes. The display itself comes with a reflective coating for added protection. Other specifications include 512MB of DDR2 RAM (which is a disappointment), an 80GB hard drive, and a keyboard that has been specially infused with powdery silver ion technology that has extremely potent sterilization effects. The piano black finish adds a touch of class, although you'll probably spend a fair amount of time wiping fingerprints away. This Windows XP-powered laptop retails for approximately $790.

Source: Mobile Magazine

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