Show Her You Care with a Mix Tape USB

Most of us remember making mix tapes for those special people that made us feel all weird inside. I never really made one for a boy, but I remember making them for friends who were too cheap to buy their own cassettes. I guess at the time I thought I'd be generous enough to share my music, hoping they'd do the same in return when they got their 12 tapes for a penny. That's how we swapped music back in the 80s before anyone had iPods, BitTorrent, or Napster. Today the mix tape is making a comeback in the form of a USB stick. Suck UK has packaged the ubiquitous USB drive in a cassette tape replica. I suppose you could just burn a few songs on a CD or publish a mix on iTunes, but somehow that's just not as romantic. The Mix Tape USB will be available next month, and you know, it might make a nice birthday gift for that special someone.  via Technabob

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