Apple unveils new iMacs


Just in case you thought all Apple produced were iPods (and over 100 million of them to date), Steve Jobs unveiled a revamp of the iMac, doing away with the white plastic case of yore by replacing it with a brushed aluminum shell that makes one think of the MacBook Pro at first glance, complete with matching, thinner keyboards. These new iMacs are already on sale in the UK today and will ship in two flavors - 20" and 24" displays, retailing for  cost $1,199 (£590) and $1,799 (£885) respectively.

While there are numerous upgrades done to these new iMacs, I won't rattle off every single one but concentrate on a handful instead. You get an update to iPhoto known as Event that organizes photo libraries into different events, where each of these events will contain an entire day's worth of pictures. In addition, users will be able to incorporate live Web widgets into websites using iWeb, while the Numbers spreadsheet program make in a cinch for users to drag and drop photos into common graphs and charts. Improved hardware specifications include a bump in processor speed, 802.11n WiFi connectivity, and a much larger hard drive (up to 1TB).

Source: Times Online

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