Casserole Caddy a star this summer


Summer time equals to plenty of time spent outdoors, taking in whatever precious sunlight that you can before clammy autumn makes an appearance with freezing winter following shortly thereafter. Holding a picnic with your close and loved ones in a nearby park is one of the more relaxing activities you could organize, and it helps keep the bonds between a family tight. After all, it is also a ploy for you to disconnect your kids from their constant obsession with this thing called "video games" and "the Internet". The Casserole Caddy is a pretty self explanatory device - not only does it help carry your casserole in a convenient manner, it also doubles up as serving placemats!

The thick material used provides insulation for your casserole when closed, and unfolding it will reveal a summertime tabletop setting. Each $29.98 purchase comes with wooden utensils that can be used as handles, while the inside pocket stores various items such as recipes and extra pot holders. The entire Casserole Caddy measures 12" x 13".

Product Page via Book of Joe

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