Pico WiFi Radio free from wires

pico-wifi-radioI love Internet radio as there are way less commercials on the station when compared to terrestrial radio. Unfortunately, to tune in an Internet radio channel often requires me to remain within a vicinity of a computer or notebook - something I cannot do 24 hours a day. Thankfully there are inventions such as a WiFi Radio to keep you entertained over a wireless Internet connection, but you are still shackled by the WiFi Radio's power cord. Enter the Pico WiFi Radio from Revo of Scotland - this portable audio entertainer comes with an integrated rechargeable battery pack, ensuring you no longer need to be limited by the length of your power cable in order to enjoy Internet radio.

The Pico WiFi Radio comes with a two-line display and can stream up to 5,500 digital radio stations via broadband, and it also works great playing back tunes from your networked computer. Features include an auxiliary input socket and a cable that turns it into an impromptu speaker for the iPod. This splashproof device also boasts an FM receiver to keep you entertained when you've wandered beyond the WiFi range. The Pico WiFi Radio will retail for £149.99 when it is released this mid-July.

Product Page via Slashgear

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