Glowfish bring a soothing...glow

glowfishWhile most of us would associate the Glowfish with something more grotesque looking, the opposite holds true for this home decorative piece from I Want One of Those. The Glowfish is actually a goldfish (no idea why it is called gold when its actual color leans a whole lot more towards orange than anything else) that emanates a soothing glow whenever you place it in the bath. Apparently, magic pixie dust is used to get it going, er, glowing. I kid. The internal battery kicks into action the moment the Glowfish comes into contact with water, beginning its color phasing light show in an instant.

Battery life currently stands at 38 hours, and there is no word on whether these batteries can be replaced or not. In the event where the answer to that question lies in the negative, you shouldn't worry too much since the Glowfish isn't exactly that expensive to begin with in the first place, retailing for £6.95 a pop.

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