Beosound 6 a good looking fingerprint magnet


Bang & Olufsen are famous for their jaw dropping sound systems, and it is no surprise to see them jump onto the portable audio player market with the Beosound 6. Meant to be a thing of beauty, the Beosound 6 comes in an extremely simple design with clean cut lines and rounded corners across its rectangular, metallic surface. I must say this will probably be a fingerprint magnet by all means as with any other shiny gadget, but you'll probably go the extra mile when it comes to taking care of it. The Beosound 6 does MP3 and WMA file formats, leaving video playback out of its repertoire. The screen displays up to 65k colors with navigational keys located right at the bottom.

File transfer is achieved via USB, while the Beosound 6 will come with up to 4GB of storage space for all your portable music needs. Each purchase will also ship with a pair of A8 earphones and a leather case for some measure of protection. The asking price is rather hefty though, weighing in at £400 which could already purchase a couple of 80GB iPod Videos that does more than just audio playback. I guess the extra money goes to the brand name and prestige whenever you tote the Beosound 6 around.

Source: Engadget

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