Virtual Dog Walking Craze

Honestly, I don't understand the point of video games that make you do things that are way more enjoyable outside the virtual realm. Take for example, the task of taking the dog out for a walk. This may be the only time some you actually get out of the house to breathe  some fresh air, meet the neighbors, and even meet a local hottie at the park. But in Japan, this practical chore has become an arcade game complete with fake dog on a leash. This virtual dog-walking game consists of you walking on a treadmill while holding your dog's leash. It's all about control. Walk too fast, your doggy gets tired. Too slow, and he gets bored. The real challenge comes when cars and dogs come out of nowhere to threaten your pooch. Either you move out of the way, or your doggie dies. Ouch!

Tokyo Mango says this game was the "the most challenging arcade game" they ever played. I'd like to play it, but it would totally be a one, maybe two, time thing. Dogwalkinggame

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