Belkin has new iPod cases for everyone


Belkin has some good news for owners of iPods of all sorts of shapes and sizes, ranging from the iPod video to the iPod nano and even the Shuffle. The Statement cases target the iPod nano range, and features "Charm" and "Style" designs that retail for $25 a pop. Both come with heart or line art laser-cut into the leather, with the inclusion of a wristlet and interior mirror that make these more female oriented. The "Fitted" Pocket Blues for the larger iPod Video and iPhone nano uses denim as the material of choice, including the denim Click Wheel protector.

The 2Face Reversible targets the iPod Video only, featuring a reversible 2-in-1 design with a graphical pattern, offering full screen protection without sacrificing navigation. The above mentioned all retail for $25 a pop, which is pretty affordable by any standards. For those who own the iPod Shuffle, there is the Sports Armband that uses lightweight rubber construction, bringing water resistance and reflectors to the user. The Sports Armband is marginally more affordable at $25 a pop. These new offerings will be available at a retail store near you come August.

Press Release via iLounge

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