Illuminating Car Slippers to the rescue

illuminating-car-slippersSlippers are all alike, or are they? The answer is actually no, as advances in the miniaturization of electronics have proved otherwise, giving everyday, mundane household objects more life than ever thought possible. Case in hand is this pair of Illuminating Car Slippers that help you get around the house in the middle of the night without knocking your knee painfully against the corner of a table. I must admit, they look pretty comfortable with a plush interior, but I seriously wonder how easy is it to walk around in a pair of these.

Chances are I'll have to shuffle along while wearing these, as only Ronald McDonald and his clowning brethren have the ability to wear these while maintaining their agility. Thankfully, the soles are made from non-skid material. The Illuminating Car Slippers come in three sizes - M(7-8), L(9-10), and XL(11-12). Each pair retails for $29.95.

Product Page via Nerd Approved

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  1. Steven Dunlap 7 December, 2007 at 11:04

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    SeeLippers were created as my bright idea to help children and families fight everyday expenses of dealing with Cancer. Both SeeLippers, Inc., & our national distribution company Steven Dunlap & Company, Inc., will donate 100% of profits from the sales of each pair of SeeLippers to those families who need help the most through Maegan’s Eyes Children Cancer Family Support Assistance Fund a private philanthropic organization which was set up by Maegan’s uncle –me, Steven Dunlap.

    I invite you to visit us at any one of the links and read Maegan’s Story and then you will understand what why and how I plan to make a difference in as many families battling cancer as I can with your support and purchases of SeeLippers. http://www.maeganseyes.org – and Thank you and God bless you throughout this joyous Holiday Season. Only together can we spread the light of giving. Personal questions welcomed by writing me at [email protected]

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